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Past/Current Hosts → Your New Portal

If you're familiar with our previous homestay management system (HMS), here's everything you need to know about our new and improved portal.

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Introducing the SRS Provider Portal

Previously, host families were logging into "HMS", our old Homestay Management System. HMS is no longer available because we are launching our brand new SRS Provider Portal. We are very excited to provide this new portal to you in the near future, as it will be modernized, easy to use, straightforward, simple and secure.

This new portal for host families will allow you to:

  • log in and view your dashboard

  • view your host family payments

  • view your homestay placement information

    • student information: arrival date, school attending, etc.

  • update your host profile information

    • your photos, hobbies, new residents, etc.

  • update banking information

  • access first-priority customer support

    ...and so much more!

Our tech team is custom-building this portal specifically for homestay hosts. The SRS Provider Portal will be your go-to resource for everything homestay.

🎉 We expect this portal to be available to all hosts during Q2 of 2023.

How do I reset my password?

Because we no longer use HMS, there is no need for you to reset your password (or have a password) at this time.

As soon as the SRS Provider Portal is live, we will send you new login information and share instructions on how to access (and enjoy!) your new dashboard. 😁

Where can I view my payments?

There is no login to view payments right now, but this is temporary.

If you would like to see your homestay payment(s), please contact us directly by email at or visit our homestay support page to request a payment receipt. Our team will be happy to provide this for you!

What happened to all my host information?

For the sake of all parties involved in homestay, it is extremely important that your information is accurate and up to date. Good news, the new SRS Provider Portal will make updating your information easier than ever! But what happened to all your host information in HMS? Find out below:

Host Family Profile

If you have not already done so, and you are interested in hosting a new student, we will likely encourage you to fill out our new host family application—especially if you have not hosted in a while. As previously stated, it is extremely important for your profile to be up-to-date and accurate while we are matching international students. ♥️

  • If you are an experienced SRS host family, you can consider this task "updating your host family profile" instead of "filling out an application".

  • This will collect all the updated information we need for your host family profile and upcoming international student matching.

  • If your previous host profile information has not been transferred already, then your data will be gone permanently and we will need updated information about your home and family.

💡 Please Note: If you have not hosted in a while, we would have asked you to login and update your host family profile anyway (if we were still using HMS). This is the same request, just in a different way. Thankfully, the host family profile information you fill out (using this new application link) will be available to you in the near future through your SRS Provider Dashboard.

Background Checks, Host Training Links & More

Until our SRS Provider Portal is ready, we have a host family app that is linked to your new host family profile/application. Here, you can access our host family training links, monthly report forms, links to background checks and more—all in one place.

Still have questions?

We're happy to help! Due to our high volume of students, partners, host families and providers, please contact us directly or book a meeting with a team member through our → homestay support page.

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