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SRS Resident App → FAQs/Tech Help
SRS Resident App → FAQs/Tech Help

Get answers to some commonly asked questions regarding the SRS Resident app, as well as the contact info for our tech team.

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Where is the app available?

The SRS app is currently only available for students living at Abrego Apartments in Santa Barbara, CA. If you are not in this group, stay tuned! We may be launching in your city soon. 😎

How do I use live chat?

Use the chat icon in the bottom left to start a chat with our friendly support team.

How often are new articles and events posted?

New articles and events will be updated each month as we discover exciting new things to share.

Can I submit articles and events for the app?

Yes! Email your articles and events to and our team will review your submissions for inclusion in the app.

Where is my registration code?

Your personalized registration code for the app should be sent to you via email during the property onboarding process. It will be available to you sometime during the week of your move-in date. If you don't see an email from SRS in your inbox, check your spam folder (just in case). Contact your property manager if cannot find your registration code and we can receive it for you.

I need help using the app.

No worries, reach out to your property manager and she can meet with you to help you get set up.

Who can I contact for technical help?

Contact for technical support or to send app suggestions.

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