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About SRS International Students
About SRS International Students

Who will you be hosting? How old are they? Where are they from? Find answers to commonly asked questions about our students here.

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Who will I be hosting and where are they from?

We place international students from all over the world! Some active countries include: China, Germany, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, Nepal, Korea, Trinidad and Tobago, Fiji, Japan, India and Brazil.

How old are the students?

Most SRS students are in high school or college, between ages 14-25 (although we do sometimes have younger or older candidates).

High School Students or younger may be attending:

  • middle school

  • high school

  • language school

  • short-term programs

  • athletic or arts programs

College Students or older may be attending:

  • community college

  • college/university

  • language school

  • short-term programs

  • career/internship/volunteer programs

  • athletic or arts programs

How many students can I host?

You can host up to two students at a time. You might be able to host more than two students at a time if you have adequate space in your home. You can host as many students consecutively as you like. You are paid per student, per night, on a bi-weekly basis.

Do the students speak English?

Yes! English proficiency will vary, but almost all students will have some English skills when they arrive.

💡Tip: It's important to keep in mind that many students are trying to improve their English by choosing a homestay. We encourage you to practice speaking English with your student whenever you can. Be flexible, sensitive and patient when communicating with your student and try to use clear, understandable English.

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