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Household Pets → Host Family Guidelines

Can host families have pets? Absolutely! Here's everything you need to know about hosting with pets in your household.

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Can you apply to host if you have pets? Yes!

Here's some good-to-know information about homestay pets:

  • Our hosts can have pets, it just needs to be stated clearly on your profile.

  • Some students will fall in love with your pets! ❤️

  • Some students will be afraid, allergic or have a religious prohibition regarding pets.

    • In these cases, we’ll ensure you aren’t matched with that student.

  • Your student will always know ahead of time if you have a pet. We use this information as part of the host family matching process. Your student will likely see a picture of the pet(s) in your profile before they arrive.

  • Please ensure any pets are kept out of the student’s room (unless they are invited in by the student).

  • Because so many homes in America have pets, students must upload medical documentation of their pet allergies if they cannot live with pets.

  • Students are not allowed to bring new pets into the home, but are encouraged to interact safely and joyfully with household pets.

  • Please be mindful and monitor your student's interaction with pets to verify that he or she gets along with them before leaving the pet alone with them.

  • It is not your student's responsibility to take care of your pet.

  • Regardless of how your student feels about your pet, they are expected to treat the animal with tolerance, gentleness and kindness when they do interact.

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