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Spending Time With Your Host → FAQs
Spending Time With Your Host → FAQs

Will my host be home all the time? Can I travel on my own? Find answers to commonly asked questions about spending time with your host.

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Will my host be home all the time?

No, your host will be there to greet you when you arrive, but will not be home all the time.

Your host will go about their lives as normal; going to work, leisure activities etc. If you have purchased dinner as part of your homestay package, your host will often be home to prepare dinner and eat with you.

Spending time with your host family

We understand that you will need some privacy—especially at the beginning, as it may take a little bit of time to feel comfortable and adjust to the American way of life (check out these tips for coping with culture shock). That being said, try not to isolate in your room too much...your host family is excited to get to know you!

A huge part of your experience abroad will involve you/your family, but school activities, sports and friendships are important too! Try to leave some time in your life for school activities and hanging out with new friends.

We encourage you to join your host family for:

  • Family dinners and game nights

  • Hiking, trips to the lake, beach days, exploring the nature around your city, etc.

  • Going out to a family movie, going to an amusement park, etc.

  • Trips to the city, museums, shopping, etc

Please give your host space for:

  • Their personal routines: their morning walk, working out, quiet time, etc.

  • Date nights with their significant other

  • Individual bonding time planned with their child

  • Work events, happy hours, clubs they are involved in, etc.

Can I travel on my own/with friends?

You are welcome to go on trips. To ensure your safety, students over-18 must submit a student travel request form to the SRS team. For under-18 students, the third party travel confirmation form must be completed by the student's host family.

These forms are due at least two weeks before your trip! If this form is not completed & submitted on time, permission to go on a trip may be denied.

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