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Do hosts have to provide transportation? Can my student drive? Here's everything host families need to know about transportation.

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Do hosts have to provide transportation?

Great news—whether or not you provide transportation is completely up to you! When filling out your host family application, please let us know if you are able/willing to provide transportation. We understand that your schedule may change over time, so you can also accept or decline hosting opportunities on a case-by-case basis.

💸 FYI: Host stipend payments are reflective of each package offered; a reimbursement for the host family's costs and effort. Hosts who provide transportation for their students will receive a higher stipend rate than those who do not.

Providing Transportation for High School Students (under 18)

Transportation is always included in the SRS Guardian Plan for high school/under-18 students. In this case, students will need to be dropped off and picked up from school each school day.

  • Host families of high school students are also responsible to provide transportation if their student needs to stay late or arrive early for sports or activities (within reason).

  • Please indicate on your profile if this is not something you can supply, and we will only place students with you who don't need it.

Public Transportation for College Students (over 18)

Transportation is NOT included in the SRS Pro Plan for college/over-18 students. In this case, students would use public transportation. Students in our program use public transport at their own cost.

  • Most college students are old enough to manage public transport on their own and prefer to do so—we just ask you to show them how to use it for the first few times.

  • If you are happy to provide transportation for college students, you can note that on your profile and it is appreciated (but not necessary).

💡FYI: College students can select transportation as an add-on service. You will always know ahead of time if your student needs transportation.

Can International students drive their own car or vehicle?

If students over 18 obtain a license, their own vehicle and insurance, they can drive in the USA.

Of course, without a license, an international student is forbidden to drive.

Not only can the student get in trouble, but you can too if the student drives your vehicle.

If a student is over 18, they can take a driving course with an instructor and obtain a license. Licensed students over 18 who choose to drive will need to have their own vehicle and insurance coverage.

  • Whether or not you allow your international student to drive your vehicle (after they obtain their license) is completely up to you.

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