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Legal Documentation & Paperwork

Find answers to our most common questions about your international student's legal documentation, insurance and paperwork.

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Is there legal documentation between SRS and the host family?

Yes → the SRS Homestay Host Agreement. When registering with SRS as a host family, you will be asked to sign the Host Agreement. This document will go over all the guidelines pertaining to the responsibilities of the host family, and it must be signed by someone that is over the age of 18 (typically the head of the household or the homeowner). With this agreement, we ensure that the host family is protected and knows exactly what SRS requires.

Will I have legal guardianship of the student if they are a minor?

For minors, the student’s native family is considered their legal guardian. While in the United States, SRS will act as temporary guardian in all matters regarding student’s safety and medical emergencies.

Will students have all their paperwork to legally study abroad?

Yes, all students will have an F-1 student visa. All students will receive the necessary documentation to study abroad. More specifically, they will receive a Visitor or F-1 student visa, which will allow them to visit or study in the United States.

  • F-1 visa students will also receive an I-20 form, which is otherwise known as the Certificate of Eligibility for Non-immigrant Student Status For Academic and Language Students.

  • This form will have more details about the school where they are studying and how long they plan on staying in the country. A student will need this information to legally live and study in this country.

Does the student have health insurance?

Students under the age of 18 are required by SRS to have medical insurance. Students over 18 are strongly encouraged to have insurance (if it is not already a visa condition).

  • International students are encouraged (and for some it is a visa condition) to have medical insurance.

    • Insurance requirements usually come from the school.

  • SRS does not mandate medical or travel insurance if the student is over 18.

  • Students under 18 are required by SRS to have medical insurance.

Host family home rental insurance:

If you have any concerns about your own home or rental insurance, please check with your household insurer. Each party should check their current insurance policies and/or arrange sufficient insurance to protect themselves and any third party.

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