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Is transportation included? Find in-depth answers to our most common questions about homestay transportation here.

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Is transportation included in homestay? 🚘

High School Students (under 18)

Transportation is included for all high school/under-18 students in our SRS Guardian package. Your host family will give you a ride to and from your school every day.

College Students (over 18)

Transportation is NOT included in our SRS Pro plan for college/over-18 students. Upon arrival, your host family will explain the public transportation options in your area and help show you the best routes.

💡Tip: If you are nervous about your public transportation route, practice it a couple times before school starts. It will likely be easier than you think, and practicing can help you gain some confidence for your first day. Bring your host with you, if you'd like! They will be happy to help you get adjusted to this new environment.

Transportation is available for college students as an add-on service!

If you purchase transportation for $100/week, your host family will give you a ride to and from your school every day. To do this, simply select "daily transportation" as an add-on service in your homestay application form.

How close will my host live to my school? 🚸

This varies, but it will never be too far. SRS uses a sophisticated technology that matches students based on host family compatibility and proximity to your school. You will always know how close your host family is to your school before you accept them as your host family.

  • We aim to enable students to travel via public transportation to their school within a reasonable time frame.

  • Your host will make sure that you are comfortable using the local public transportation system to provide reasonable support for you to get back and forth to school and home.

  • If your package includes transportation, your host will drive you to school and make sure that you get there on time.

Can international students drive a car or obtain a driver's license? 🪪

If you are over age 18, you can get a driver's license and drive your own car. You will need to get your own auto insurance to cover you and your vehicle. You cannot drive your host family's car without clear, documented permission from your host.

If you are under age 18, you cannot get a driver's license or drive a car. Please see the Student Code of Conduct for High School Students: For sake of student’s safety, Students under age 18 will not obtain a driver’s license or permit, purchase a vehicle, or operate a motor vehicle during program enrollment period.

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