Student Age Requirements

How old do I have to be to sign up? Is there an age limit? All students, no matter what age, can sign up for homestay with SRS.

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Can students of all ages sign up?πŸ‘©πŸ½β€πŸŽ“

Yes! Homestay is available for students of all ages. We aim to help any student fulfill their dream of studying abroad in the United States. Our homestay packages for students under-18 students are extra safe, more inclusive and require more host family involvement.

πŸ’‘Fun Fact: StudentRoomStay's mission is to help students of all ages, domestic and international, find a place to call home.

High School Students or younger may be attending:

  • middle school

  • high school

  • language school

  • short-term programs

  • athletic or arts programs

College Students or older may be attending:

  • community college

  • college/university

  • language school

  • short-term programs

  • career/internship/volunteer programs

  • athletic or arts programs

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