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Your Student's Personal Finances
Your Student's Personal Finances

Will international students have their own spending money? Do hosts have to pay for everything? Find out here.

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Will international students have their own spending money?

Yes, students of all ages will have their own spending money! Students are expected to bring their own credit or debit card for shopping, souvenirs, activities with friends, etc.

Do hosts have to pay for everything?

As a host family, you are absolutely NOT expected to pay for everything. It all depends on what's included in your student's homestay package. If your student's homestay agreement includes meals and transportation, then you are required to pay for meals, gas money, etc.

The more inclusive your student's homestay package is, the higher your host family stipend will be. You are not expected to pay the student’s expenses beyond your host agreement.

Guidelines regarding your student's personal finances:

  • There can be no exchange of money between you/your family and your student.

    • You cannot charge extra for transportation, utilities, etc.

  • We encourage you NOT to commit to any contracts on your student's behalf (cell phone services, gym memberships or bank accounts).

  • Students under the age of 18 should not make purchases of large or expensive items without prior approval, or at least some advice, from their host families.

  • Host families are NOT permitted to sign or cosign for students to open a bank account in the United States.

  • Please strongly advise your students not to take expensive items or large sums of money into public places.

  • Please help your students find a safe place to keep their money upon arrival, especially if they have cash.

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