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Resident App Features: Articles & Events
Resident App Features: Articles & Events

Discover how the SRS resident app can provide resources for your students that extend far beyond renting a room.

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We provide ongoing resources for your student tenants—accessible 24/7 during their

time at your property. Articles and events were created to personalize and enhance your students' overall college experience.


  • Articles and tips written specifically for college students

  • List your emergency info, policies, procedures and more—all in one place.


  • Encouraging students to get connected and excited about their college destination.

  • Promoting local events happening in the community and on campus.

  • Add your own property events at any time! Customize the content, photo and more.

How to Create Articles & Events in Your Portal

  • Go to your property portal's home screen navigation bar

  • Click on "Articles & Events"

  • Click on "Create Articles & Events"

  • If you have multiple properties, select the property and publishing domain (to determine which residents will see this article or event)

  • Customize the content, publish date, image and more.

    • Recommended image ratio: 600 x 200 px

  • Click "Submit for Publish"! 🥳

    • Note: the "Submit for Approval" button is for anyone who is writing and uploading articles that you would like to approve before they go live. You can approve these articles at any time in your portal.

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