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Resident App Feature: Maintenance Requests
Resident App Feature: Maintenance Requests

How do maintenance requests work? Discover how to manage maintenance requests in your property portal.

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Managing Maintenance Requests:

  • Easily organize requests in your portal

  • Keep digital records of all issues and repairs

  • Send updates directly to your tenant

  • Fix it fast, maintain trust, improve tenant retention

How it Works:

  • If something breaks in a tenant's unit, they can use the maintenance request feature to report the issue and attach photos.

  • All your maintenance requests will appear in chronological order in your portal.

  • You can change the status of your maintenance requests (open, pending or closed) to make sure you have not missed anything.

  • You and your students can rest assured that all the data for maintenance requests is stored in a safe place.

  • Students give you consent to enter the unit when submitting a request.

  • No more emails, calls or text messages from tenants regarding maintenance to organize and keep track of

Editing the Maintenance Request Feature in your Portal:

  • Go to your portal's home screen/navigation bar → click on "Manage Property"

  • Scroll down to "Maintenance Details"

    • Customize the emergency message

    • Show/hide or customize the pet policy message

    • Show/hide the consent checkbox for you to enter the unit if they are away

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