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Homestay for Study Abroad Groups
Homestay for Study Abroad Groups

We offer customized homestay packages for groups, large or small, who are looking to experience the joy studying abroad in the USA.

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How does group homestay work?

Short term programs provide students with a sneak peek into the American lifestyle over the course of 4 weeks-12 months. Students are matched with carefully selected host families, making memories with their host family and bonding with the other students in their group.

International tour groups receive all the same benefits of our individual homestays. We work with schools and tour organizers to customize each homestay package to suit each group's tour needs.

All group packages include: ✓host family matching ✓homestay services ✓homestay app

Many group packages include: ✓ meal plans ✓ transportation

Where do study abroad groups come from?

Our groups include students from countries all over the world! We arrange homestay for short-term groups by working closely with the each group's international agency and/or school. Groups of international students head to the USA for many reasons, including:

  • Seasonal study abroad programs

    • Summer programs, holiday homestay, etc.

  • English language learning programs

  • Internship programs for young professionals

    ...and more!

Where do we provide homestay services for short-term groups?

Many groups of international students study abroad within our 15 homestay locations. We have strong host family inventory in these locations, making them great destinations for a group of any size.

Occasionally, groups of international students plan to study abroad in cities that are not included in our 15 target markets. In these cases, our host family matching team conducts market research to either confirm or decline homestay services in that area. Our team will always work closely with the group's school or international agency to manage expectations and provide the best possible homestay experiences.

How to Sign Up for a Short-Term Group Program:

Signing up is easy! Fill out our group interest form to let us know what your group's itinerary, destination location and schedule. A team member will reach out to you, coordinate with you and find some amazing host families for your students.

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