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International Agency Partnerships → Explained

StudentRoomStay partners with international agencies across the world. Learn more about agency partnerships here.

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What types of agencies do we partner with?

We partner with international agencies who send students overseas to study abroad in the United States. Agencies may send their students to high schools, colleges, universities, academies or language schools in the USA. We provide homestay services for these students by connecting them with a safe and welcoming host family near their school.

What do we provide for our agency partners?

We know that staying with a loving, welcoming host family can have a huge positive impact on a student's experience abroad. For this reason, our homestay programs are CSIET-certified and each host family is carefully vetted.

StudentRoomStay provides:

Safe Host Families: We have reliable host family inventory in at least 15 USA locations. All hosts complete thorough background checks, virtual home inspections and training.

Reliable Homestay Services: Every homestay package we offer is built with student safety at the top of our priority list.

Homestay App: All the resources international students need for their homestay experience will be accessible 24/7 in the palm of their hand.

What are the benefits of a partnership with StudentRoomStay?

We’ve built relationships with premium high schools, colleges, universities and language schools—all over the nation—that can help your students reach their full potential.

StudentRoomStay is part of the most recognized global homestay network for international students. The Global Homestay Alliance includes some of the world's best standards-based student accommodation providers: StudentRoomStay, New Zealand Homestay, Australian Homestay Network and Canada Homestay Network. Together, we have placed more than 146,000 students from 183 countries in welcoming homestays.

💡 Fun Fact: In 2021, StudentRoomStay merged the talents, partnerships and technologies of the American Homestay Network and AmeriStudent to continue providing unforgettable study abroad experiences for students from across globe.

How to become a StudentRoomStay Agency Partner:

The process is simple:

After that is complete, our team will meet with you to find out what we can accomplish together for the international students in your program!

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