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School Partnerships → Explained

We partner with high schools, colleges and language schools across the USA. Here's everything you need to know about school partnerships.

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What types of schools do we partner with?

Any school that has international students in attendance (or domestic students looking for homestay) is a great candidate for our partnerships program.

That being said, we aim to partner with schools who care about the well-being of international students as much as we do. Below are some examples of the types of schools we partner with:

  • High Schools

  • Colleges/Universities

  • Language Schools

  • Arts/ Athletic Academies

    .. and more!

What do we provide for our school partners?

Our goal is to increase the success of each school's international program by providing safe and welcoming homes for their students. We believe the homestay experience has a huge impact on every student's overall journey abroad, which is why our programs are CSIET-certified and each host family is carefully vetted.

For students, we provide:
✓ host family matching ✓ homestay services ✓ homestay app

For schools, we provide:
✓ custom landing page ✓ marketing to agencies ✓ dedicated account manager

Where in the USA are SRS school partners located?

We partner with schools across the entire nation, but most active school partners are located in (or near) one of our 15 homestay locations.

If you'd like to partner with us and you are not located in one of these locations, don't worry! Our homestay services are expanding rapidly, so we encourage you to inquire because we may be in your city soon.

What are the benefits of a partnership with StudentRoomStay?

Our passion for students and emphasis on their continuous safety and well-being remain at the core of everything we do. For international students, finding a host family is just the beginning of that student's journey. We provide ongoing resources for international students so they can feel confident throughout the entire experience.

🌎 FYI: We have hundreds of international agency partnerships across the globe. We love connecting premier schools with high-quality agencies to help give more students the opportunity to study abroad in the United States.

How to become a StudentRoomStay Partner:

The process is simple:

After that is complete, our team will meet with you to find out what we can accomplish together for the international students in your program!

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