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About StudentRoomStay's Properties in Santa Barbara
About StudentRoomStay's Properties in Santa Barbara

What kind of student housing options are available in Santa Barbara? Learn more about StudentRoomStay's off-campus property near UCSB.

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Our student housing property in Santa Barbara will provide everything you need for the ultimate college experience! Learn more about Abrego Apartments below.


Abrego Apartments (now leasing!)

6633 Abrego Rd, Santa Barbara, CA

Lease Term: 1 year (July 20th move-in)

  • Multi-unit student housing complex

  • Located less than 1 mile from UCSB

  • Private, double or triple bed space options

  • Wifi, utilities and the SRS Resident app are all included with rent.

  • On-site parking spaces available for purchase

Room Options and Pricing

We have multiple unit-types available. The property itself is co-ed, but you will likely either live in an all-male or all-female unit. If you'd like to room with a friend, we'll do our best to arrange that for you!

Interested in Living at Abrego?

If you'd like to apply for 2023-24 or be added to our waitlist, please click the link below to fill out your rental application.

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