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Resident App Feature: Move-In Checklist
Resident App Feature: Move-In Checklist

What is the purpose of our move-in checklist feature? Discover how to streamline your check-in process with the SRS Resident app.

Updated over a week ago

A paperless, simple and secure check-in process is available on the SRS app!

Benefits of the move-in checklist feature:

  • No more distributing and gathering paperwork, accidentally losing files or emailing/texting students back and forth

  • No more disputes regarding the security deposit or the original condition of the student's unit

  • The checklist feature is simple, modern and designed specifically for students

How it works:

  1. Upon arrival, students will be able to open the app and complete their check-in.

  2. Students can record the current quality of their walls, kitchen sink, etc. by rating each area and taking/uploading pictures of the area if necessary.

  3. Students will have 48 hours to complete their check-in.

  4. Once the checklist is submitted, all the data will be sent straight to your property portal.

  5. From here, you can manage your student's move-in checklists and know when and where to schedule maintenance for any areas if needed.

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