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Accepting/Declining New Hosting Opportunities
Accepting/Declining New Hosting Opportunities

How do we present new hosting opportunities to you? Here's a complete breakdown of the entire process.

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So, you've completed your host family application and are now approved (congrats!)... but maybe you're wondering what's next. Here's how we introduce new hosting opportunities for you to either approve or decline.

New Hosting Opportunities → How it Works

1. When we know an international student (or group of students) is heading to your area to study, we will reach out to all hosts in that area to see if they are willing and able to host. Our host family matching team may reach out via email, phone call or text message.

2. If you respond to us and let us know that you are interested, we will share all the details of the student's study abroad plans with you. This information includes: arrival and departure dates, meal packages selected, age, gender, home country, hobbies and more.

3. Based on the information about the student, it is totally up to you whether or not this hosting opportunity is a good fit for you and your family.

4. Don't want to host right now? No problem! If you decline the opportunity, we will respect your decision and keep you posted about additional opportunities in the future.

💡 Tip: We encourage you to be open-minded and accept hosting opportunities whenever you can! If you decline opportunities because you are picky about which students you host, there may or may not be another chance to host in your area for a while. → Learn more about student availability

5. If you accept the opportunity (yay!), we will present your host family profile to the student.

6. If the student also accepts, after reviewing your profile, we have a match. 🎉

7. If you have not previously submitted a background check, completed your host training or set up your direct deposit information, now would be the time for you to do so.

8. Next, you and your international student will prepare for homestay arrival. Once the student has arrived, all parties will get to enjoy the unique cultural experience of homestay. ♥️

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