Do Hosts Get Paid? Yes!

Yes, you will get paid for hosting an international student through StudentRoomStay. Learn more about host compensation here.

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Host Family Compensation

All StudentRoomStay host families receive a bi-weekly stipend. 💸 We know that overhead costs and maintenance expenses can rise as a result of introducing a new temporary member to your family. For this reason, we provide an agreed upon stipend to cover these expenditures. All hosts receive their stipends via direct deposit every two weeks.

Compensation amounts vary based on:

We will always be fully transparent about our pricing and payments.

If you ever have any questions about payments, please don't hesitate to contact our team. We look for welcoming, caring host families to host international students—the stipend is just one of many benefits of the unique cultural exchange of homestay.

The purpose of this stipend is to help cover the day-to-day food and accommodation expenses of hosting an international student. Student weekly fees are paid directly to SRS by the student. We retain a small portion (service fee) for facilitating/managing your homestay, but the large majority of the student fee is reimbursed right back to you. Hosts are paid in a two-week cycle, with funds transferred directly into your nominated bank account.

We handle all payments to prevent disputes and protect the student from any arrangement that might compromise his or her health and safety while in a trusted homestay environment. SRS will issue a 1099 Tax Form to each host at the end of each tax year for annual homestay fees over $600. → Learn more about homestay taxes

For more information regarding payments, please see our → Host Reimbursement Policy

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