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Airport Pick-Up → Procedures & Guidelines
Airport Pick-Up → Procedures & Guidelines

Here are some airport pick-up tips and guidelines to help start your student's homestay placement on a positive note.

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If you have agreed to pick-up your international student from the airport upon arrival...thank you! Having the assurance of a host family to meet and greet at the airport is a wonderful way for students to start off on a positive note.

Tips and guidelines for picking up a student from the airport:

  • Check online to see if their flight is arriving on time.

  • If the student is arriving from an international flight, plan for customs to take at least 1 hour.

  • Have a method for contacting the student via text, WeChat or email once he/she has arrived at the airport.

  • Park your vehicle (do not plan to pick up at the curb). Please plan to greet them immediately after they exit the customs gate.

  • Arriving at a foreign airport can be an overwhelming experience for any adult, and even more so for a teenage guest traveling alone. Students may be tired and overwhelmed, so try to be gentle and patient with your greetings.

  • The pick-up person should display a clearly visible sign with your student's name.

  • Wait at the gate for the student to arrive once they have exited customs.

  • Make introductions (and take pictures)! 📸

  • Once arrived at the family home, students under age 18 should be encouraged to contact their natural parents to let them know they've arrived safely.

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