Student Arrival Checklist

Here's a quick arrival checklist for host families to ensure all key topics are covered during your student’s first week.

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We hope you're excited about your upcoming placement with StudentRoomStay! In anticipation of your student’s arrival, here's a quick checklist to ensure all key topics are covered during the student’s first week with you.

Your student might be tired and jetlagged upon arrival, so we encourage you to spread out these steps throughout the first seven days of their placement.

Student Arrival Checklist

❏ Introduce your student to all household members and pets! Confirm the student’s safe arrival with our team.

❏ Exchange contact details: phone numbers and email addresses.

  • High school students should arrive with an “emergency card” provided to them by SRS with the host family contact information. All students should have a copy of their placement report with host address and phone numbers.

❏ Give your student a tour of the home and their room. Clearly identify any areas that are off-limits or have special restrictions (no food on the couch, etc.)

❏ Provide them with a front door key and show them how to enter and lock up safely. Show how to use alarm if you have one. We encourage you to get the student to take a photo of outside the home and the nearest street corner on their phone.

❏ Talk about any food allergies, food likes and dislikes.

❏ Sit down together and have a discussion about the house rules and expectations. We strongly encourage you to write this information down so that your student can reference it at any time.

❏ Familiarize the student with the local area, including dos and don’ts, safety concerns, etc. Show them where the local shops are located.

❏ Show the student the procedure for transportation to and from their school including planned arrangements and times for drop off and pick up if necessary.

School schedule (for high school students): assist your student with school student orientation, and familiarizing them with their new school and school schedule, where to purchase school lunch, textbooks, uniforms, etc.

❏ If needed, assist the student to set up a SIM card (SRS is able to help provide students with SIM cards) and bank account (students under 17 are not typically able to set up a bank account).

❏ Take a photo with your student and send it to SRS! We love seeing your photos and sharing the joy of hosting on our social media pages.

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