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Host Application & Vetting Process
Host Application & Vetting Process

Want to become a host family for international students? Here's a quick overview of the entire host application process.

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Host Family Application

Our initial host family application is an online form that captures your basic personal and household information. It should take only about 10-15 minutes to complete.

Host Application Process:

  1. Complete the online application (10-15 minutes)

  2. Receive your welcome email (if your profile is approved)

Host Onboarding & Vetting Process:

  1. Submit banking info to receive host payments

  2. Take the online training and self-assessment (under 1 hour)

  3. You are ready to host! 😁

While the application can be completed in 10-15 minutes, we do advise you to take your time crafting the profile to ensure we get the best student matches possible.

Host Family Vetting

The safety and well-being of each international student is our top priority—always! We conduct background checks, virtual home screenings and interview processes to make sure that every host is able and willing to provide an environment that will create a comfortable, pleasant homestay experience.

Here are some requirements to keep in mind:

  • Every person in the host family's household who is over the age of 18 will need to pass a background check. This is standard procedure to maintain our CSIET certification.
    → Learn more about our process for background checks

  • Our team will conduct interviews with you, in addition to a virtual home inspection, prior to your student's arrival.

  • All hosts are required to take an online training course and successfully pass the exam.

In addition to these safety requirements, we look for host families who are genuinely excited about welcoming international students to the USA! Every student should feel welcome and comfortable during their time abroad.

All StudentRoomStay host families must:

  • Make themselves and their home available to their student. You must be able to provide a clean, comfortable and private bedroom.

  • Hosts must speak clear and correct English in the home.

  • Help your student settle into a comfortable and safe home and help them to learn.

  • Be willing to make them feel at home with conversation, support, inclusion in family activities and personal warmth. Ideally, you will have a sincere interest in other cultures and a desire to connect with new friends from around the world.

  • Provide healthy food for your student (if this is included in their service).

  • Show your student around the community to help them become familiar with the local area and customs.

  • Help your student access or organize important services (e.g. setting up a bank account and mobile) and assist your student to seek medical or dental attention if necessary.

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