The Host Family's Role

What is the host family's role exactly? Learn more about the host family's unique and vital role in the international student experience.

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Host families provide a safe and welcoming environment for international students studying abroad in the USA.

  • Depending on the student's homestay package, a host family might provide: a private room, daily meals, transportation to school and help adjusting to the American way of life.

Host families immerse their student in American culture by welcoming them into their own home and making the student feel like part of the family.

  • It is important for host families to include their student in family activities and dinners. This helps to bridge the cultural gap that students experience when studying abroad in a new country.

  • Additionally, the student will share his or her customs with their host family to help them learn more about a new culture.

Your role is NOT to replace the student’s natural family.

  • International students stay closely connected with their family and friends in their home country – often on a daily basis.

  • You will need to respect your student’s culture and native family while also helping them to adjust to the home and culture they are currently living in.

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