Storage Policy

StudentRoomStay Homestay (SRS Homestay) offers Students the option to have their belongings stored at the host family home.

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Note: This policy is subject to change at any time. Please check all SRS Homestay Policies on a regular basis for updates.

StudentRoomStay Homestay (SRS Homestay) offers Students the option to have their belongings stored at the host family home. This means a Student may keep their packed belongings at the host family home stored in an agreed upon location at the host family home and pay $50 per week.The Host must agree to accept the storage fee rates while the Student is away.

The following rules apply to the Storage Policy:

  1. The Student must be away for a minimum of 45 consecutive days.

  2. The Student must notify SRS Homestay and their Host of their departure plans at least two weeks prior to departure. Storage fees will not be offered after the date of departure if notice has not been given.

  3. The Student must pay any applicable Storage Fees plus two weeks of normal weekly Homestay Fees before the date of departure.

  4. The Student must pack up all belongings in boxes or suitcases. Items should not be left unboxed. All boxes and suitcases must be stored in a location agreed upon with the host such as a closet, garage, or corner of a designated room.

  5. Both host and student must complete and sign the Storage Agreement Form with a detailed list and photos of the stored belongings.

  6. The storage fee is not a Room Holding fee.The storage fee does not guarantee the room will be held for the Student’s return or that the room will not be utilized by the host for other Students or purposes.

  7. The Student must notify SRS Homestay and the Host if there are any changes to their scheduled return date. SRS Homestay requires seven days’ notice of such changes and any additional fees will be charged to the Student accordingly.

  8. As per the SRS Homestay Refund Policy, the Student must provide SRS Homestay and their Host with a minimum of two weeks’ written notice if they intend to move belongings out of the homestay.

  9. If the Student has not arrived back at the homestay to receive their belongings or to restart their homestay placement by the scheduled return date and no contact has been made with the Host or SRS Homestay, SRS Homestay will attempt to contact the Student using the contact details listed on their Profile. If SRS Homestay is unable to reach the Student and their payment has lapsed (i.e. they have no paid nights left for their homestay placement), SRS Homestay reserves the right to arrange for the Host to remove them from the home.

  10. If the Student does not pay the Storage Fee, all belongings must be removed from the Host’s home.

  11. The Host is responsible for the Student’s stored belongings and must return the items to the student at the end of the agreed upon paid storage period. Failure to return items at the end of the pay period will result in the Host needing to compensate the student for any unreturned items at face value.

  12. SRS Homestay is not responsible for any lost, damaged or stolen property.

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