Host Reimbursement Policy

What is our host reimbursement and compensation policy? Here's everything you need to know.

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SRS Homestay Host Reimbursement Policy

Note: Host reimbursement rates vary by region. Please contact our support office for the reimbursement rates applicable to you. This policy is subject to change at any time. Please check all SRS Homestay Policies on a regular basis for updates.

Host Compensation & Reimbursement

StudentRoomStay Homestay (SRS Homestay) Hosts receive a weekly expense reimbursement fee for hosting an international student in their home. Student weekly fees are paid directly to SRS Homestay by the Student. SRS Homestay retains a small management fee to cover systems, placement processing and management, and 24/7 critical support services and the remainder of the student fee is reimbursed to the Host to assist with expenses associated with hosting such as accommodation and meals. These fees may change at any time but will not change during any individual placement without prior notice.

Student Weekly Fees & Host Reimbursements

The term “weekly fee” is equivalent to seven days. Student weekly fees and host reimbursements will be prorated based on a daily rate if a Student’s stay does not span a full and complete seven days.


Meals are to be provided in accordance with the meal plan purchased by the Student and agreed to by the Host family. Students are expected to prepare their own breakfast and/or lunch with food purchased by the Host. Hosts are required to prepare and share a nutritious dinner five days a week to encourage regular conversation and interaction with the Student.

Hosts are expected to provide all inclusions and services as described in the product description. No other fees should be collected by the Host from the Student unless agreed to by SRS Homestay staff.

Stipend Payment Schedules

Expenses will be reimbursed to the homestay Host once every two weeks and after receipt of the weekly fee by SRS Homestay from the Student. Hosts must mark the Student as “arrived” on their profile to be eligible for payment. SRS Homestay will transfer reimbursements to the Host’s bank account electronically via ACH. The Host will be required to provide a bank account number prior to receiving payment. Payments will be made on the first Monday after the placement has been active for 3 days, as long as the Host has marked the placement as current on their SRS Homestay dashboard. If the designated payment day falls on a bank holiday, payment will be processed the following business day.

SRS Homestay retains the right of a seven-day grace period in issuing all Stipend installment payments to the Host Family.

Entitlement to the stipend terminates the day the Student moves out of the host family’s home, whether such movement is voluntary or involuntary, and whether or not such movement is at the request of the host family.

Host reimbursement for study tour placements

Host reimbursement for study tour placements will be processed approximately 48 business hours (two business days) after the tour arrival. The actual day of payment will be determined according to when the tour arrived, with payment occurring approximately 48 business hours (2 business days) after the placement has commenced. SRS Homestay will transfer reimbursements to the Host’s bank account electronically via ACH / Stripe.


SRS Homestay will contact the Host if it is found that a Host has been overpaid for a placement. Any excess funds are to be reimbursed to SRS Homestay via one of the methods.

  • If the Host is due to receive a payment for an existing or upcoming placement within a month (4 weeks) of the overpayment being identified, SRS Homestay will deduct the excess funds from the Host’s next scheduled payment.

  • If the Host does not have a payment scheduled within a month (4 weeks) of the overpayment being identified, the Host must transfer the excess funds to the SRS Homestay bank account. Account details will be forwarded to the Host as required.

Homestay Tax Information

As required by law, those who receive stipend payments in excess of $600/year will receive an IRS 1099-MISC form from SRS Homestay. The 1099 form will identify your total receipts over the course of a calendar year. You will only receive one 1099 form, even if you hosted more than once, with a grand total of your stipends. This is the gross receipts for your service as a homestay Host, not your taxable income from hosting. The IRS and state and local authorities will tax your net income, which means you take your gross stipend, deduct the expenses directly associated with Hosting and then declare the balance as taxable income.

W-9 Forms

To ensure accuracy, you will be required to complete a W9 form with the details for the person that is receiving the payment. This needs to be supplied to SRS Homestay prior to receiving payments.

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