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Cultural Adjustments → Daily Schedules
Cultural Adjustments → Daily Schedules

Schedules (and their importance) vary from culture to culture. Here are some tips for navigating your new schedule during your homestay.

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In some countries, the main priority for students is to receive top marks on test examinations. In America, attendance, homework and participation are also an important part of academic scores. Punctual attendance and completing/turning in homework assignments are very important in America.

Waking Up

You may not be accustomed to waking themselves up on time in the mornings, but in America, students are expected to take responsibility in this area.

💡Tip: If you are constantly pressing "snooze" on your alarm or accidentally turning it off, set multiple alarms in a row.

  • Another trick: Charge your phone across the room when you sleep, so that you have to get up in the morning to turn your alarm off.

  • If transportation is included in your homestay package, you should be responsible to wake yourself up on time to prepare for your ride to school.

  • It is courteous to be on time for your ride to school. Please do not make your host family or your carpool wait or arrive late.


You might want to tell host family at the last minute that you are required or wanting to go somewhere. However, it is important that your host parents know your plans ahead of time. Families should let students know how much notice they will need in order to assist with transportation. It's important for you to inform your host family of all plans and to call/text if you are going to be late or have unexpected changes.

Asking Permission

Students may not be accustomed to asking for permission when it comes to scheduling.

  • It is better to “ask” rather than “tell” your host parents what you would like to do.

    • A polite request will be received better than a demand.

    • This is a common courtesy towards your host family.

  • They will also need to know your plans for your safety reasons.

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