Homestay Transfers

Our goal is to make every homestay experience a successful one. Here's the breakdown of what happens if you do need to transfer homes.

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Homestay Transfers to a New Host Family

We want every student to have a positive homestay experience! We do not encourage transfers to another host's home—only in unresolvable situations will a transfer be allowed. If you are having conflicts with your host family, please contact a StudentRoomStay representative so that we can help to mediate and resolve the issue.

Instead of immediately requesting a homestay transfer, we encourage you to fill out our conflict resolution form to see if we can help you and your host family cultivate a peaceful environment in your current home.

If mediation fails, you can apply to switch host families using our homestay transfer request form. Our team carefully reviews, considers and approves/denies homestay transfer requests on a case-by-case basis.

Here are some things to know regarding homestay transfers:

Students and host families both need to give time for adjustment, as both are adapting to living with a person from a different culture.

  • When an issue arises at home, please try and address it with the person directly.

  • Talk with them about small issues immediately and with kindness (so that they do not become major issues).

  • Adjustment is not always easy for the student or the family. However, it is part of the learning experience as we learn more about a culture different than our own.

If an issue persists, please submit a homestay transfer request, and one of us will meet with the student and the host family to better understand the situation.

  • Most often, misunderstandings occur due to cultural differences, differing habits and expectations.

  • After meeting with the student and the host family, a meeting may be arranged with the host family, student and a SRS team member in order to facilitate a better understanding.

Students cannot change families and schools without mediation or due process.

  • With the exception of emergencies, host family changes will not be considered during the first 30 days of arrival to the host family.

  • In rare cases, even with mediation, there may be a conflict between the student and host family that cannot be resolved. If this occurs, SRS will seek a new host family for the student and a date for removal of the student will be communicated to the host family.

  • Until such time, host families will honor their commitment to host the student and the student must respectfully live in the current host family home.

Fourteen (14) Day Notice to Move:

  • If determined necessary, SRS will move a student into a short-term homestay with at least fourteen (14) days advance notice.

  • If and when SRS approves a transfer, a new $350 Matching Fee is required.

  • If the student requires SRS to provide an immediate emergency move, this may result in a $1000 Emergency Move Fee charged to the student

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