Homestay Accidents / Damages

In the unfortunate (and unlikely) event that you break something in your host family's house, don't worry! Here's how to handle it.

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First of all, accidents happen! It might be a little awkward at first, but don't worry too much if you accidentally break something.

💡 Tip: If you accidentally break something, tell your host family immediately and be completely honest about what happened.

  • If your host family discovers that you are lying, the lie is going to be far worse than the fact that you broke something in the first place.

  • Material things can always be repaired, but trust takes much longer to get back.

  • They will appreciate your honesty!

In the case of an accident or accidental damages, it's best to fill out the StudentRoomStay “Accident Report”.

If there were damages incurred by you specifically, a written estimate and pictures of damage will be submitted by the host family. Unfortunately, yes, you or your parent/guardian back home will need to cover the cost of any damages to the host family home or property.

Damage Deposit

The damage deposit is fully refundable if the placement is ended without any damages.

  • If damages are incurred during the placement, the damage deposit will be used to fund the damage charges in part or in full depending on the cost.

  • If damages incurred are more than the damage deposit amount, it is the responsibility of the student, parents and/or sending agency school or partner to cover the remaining damage costs or incurred expenses.

  • If damages are incurred that are less than the damage deposit, the difference will be refunded after the placement has ended.

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