Preparing for Departure

Check out these tips for pre-departure planning, homestay extensions, storage during summer break, keeping in touch and more.

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As the placement draws to an end, students and host families will need to prepare for the student’s departure.

Friendly reminders from SRS:

  • If you are planning to extend your stay beyond your intended end date, please contact StudentRoomStay (SRS) so we can arrange a homestay extension.

  • For students with an ongoing placement, you will need to give SRS and your host 14 days advance notice before ending your placement.

When approaching the end of your placement...

  • Be sure to leave your copy of the house key(s) with your host.

  • Make sure to return any clothing or items you have borrowed.

  • Take a few pictures with your host family before you leave!

  • Set aside time to pack your belongings and do not leave any personal belongings under the host family’s care.

❤️ Homestay Tip: Stay in Touch

Exchange contact information, arrange a monthly or quarterly catch-up call with your host family/friends, follow each other on social media or even plan a trip to visit one another!

Your host will love to hear how are you doing in a few months. The lifelong connections you make are very special—that's what the homestay experience is all about.

Students are asked to leave their room in a clean condition.

  • Students will be given a checklist for expectations on how to clean/leave their rooms when they move out.

  • Host families should also have a short discussion outlining their personal standards of cleanliness.

  • We strive to support our host families and we will make a conscious effort to make sure the students understand the importance of leaving the room tidy.

  • Many students do not have a wealth of knowledge when it comes to cleaning up after themselves, so the host family might need to show students where the vacuum or other cleaning products are located and how to use them if they have not previously done so.

Information regarding temporary departures:

  • If this is a temporary departure and you are coming back to live with your family after a break, you should have a discussion about leaving or taking some of your personal belongings.

  • It’s not the host family’s responsibility in any way to store your belongings over a break.

  • If the host family chooses to extend a storage option to you, the host family should be very specific about how the room should be left for the summer.

  • Understand that your homestay room may be used during your absence.

  • You should be asked to pack their things and store them in a box. If any items left in the host family’s care get lost, broken, or misplaced, the StudentRoomStay team will not take responsibility.

  • Students should contact SRS to arrange to pay an invoice for storage.

  • Students who prefer to leave their belongings in their room can purchase Room Holding while they are gone. Please contact our team to arrange for Room Holding.

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