House Rules & Chores

Here's some information about house rules and chores to help you maintain a peaceful environment during your homestay.

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Here's what to expect when it comes to house rules and chores during your time abroad.

House Rules

Every household operates a little differently. However, the host family’s home is their home and any house rules should be respected during your time there.

Your host family should make clear explanations of their house rules for you upon arrival. They will likely make a list for you and spend some time going through the list to clearly define any rules.

We understand that these house rules will be completely new for you as you adjust. If you have any questions about the rules, you can ask your host family to explain further. It's always a good idea to ask questions ahead of time to avoid any miscommunications or conflicts in the future.

Host parents are encouraged to treat students as a family member. They should always approach situations with you with kindness and tolerance.

For high school and younger students, host parents are permitted to implement reasonable consequences in the home in order to help a student who is struggling with discipline (such as not allowing a student to attend a social event or taking away the student’s electronic devices for a defined period of time).

With this in mind, host parents must first discuss the situation with SRS if a student is failing to follow house rules and/or if any consequences need to be implemented in the home.

Our team will then communicate the situation with the student’s native parents and will take next steps based on that conversation.


Everyone, including you, should do their share of chores as a member of the household.

You can absolutely help with light chores, such as cleaning the table after a meal, helping clean dishes or cleaning your own room.

As a student, you should not be expected to do intense chores on a regular basis (such as heavy yard work or babysitting multiple days a week).

💡Tip: If you're unsure of what to do around the house to contribute, ask your host family what you can do to help!

Even if they don't give you chores to do immediately, make sure your host knows you are willing to help out if they need it.

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