Homestay: Laundry

Here are a few tips for navigating laundry with your host family during your time abroad.

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You will be given access to the host family washer and dryer. Your host family may choose to wash the your laundry with the family's laundry, but many students and host families prefer to to wash their own loads. As always, communication is key!

  • Your host family will show you how to operate the household washer and dryer.

  • You'll be able to wash your personal laundry at least once a week.

  • Americans try to conserve energy, so single items should not be washed at one time.

  • Many host families try to conserve water, so you should not wash laundry on a daily basis or more often than once a week.

💡Tip: Talk with your host family to set up a laundry schedule! This way you always know what day and time is best for you to wash your clothing each week.

  • If you choose to wash items by hand and want to hang them to dry, please ask your host family to show you an appropriate place to hang these items.

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