Schedules and Curfew

Communication is key when it comes to managing schedules and curfew with your host family during your homestay.

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  • It's important to discuss your schedule regularly with your host family to make sure they are always in the loop.

  • Both the student and the host family need to be considerate of each other’s time and obligations.

  • If there is an event coming up that is not part of your regular schedule, it should be discussed with the host family at least a week in advance (especially if they provide transportation for you).


  • It's important for students and host families need to be aware of the local curfew laws.

  • StudentRoomStay's standard student curfew for high school students is 10PM on weekdays and 11PM on weekends.

  • No showers, cooking or computers after lights out (1 hour after curfew).

  • Adult students do not have a curfew, but please be mindful not to disturb the host family and the host family’s quiet hours.

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