Wifi and Internet

Your homestay package will always include internet access. Here are the details of homestay WiFi.

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Great news—all homestay packages include WiFi!

  • Host families are required to provide you with access to WiFi at a reasonable speed.

  • Your host family will share their WiFi password and show you how it works upon arrival.

💡Tip: Always write down the WiFi network name and password and keep it in a safe place, just in case you ever get disconnected.

  • If the WiFi is down or you are having trouble accessing, ask someone in your homestay household for help! They are understand that you are there for academic purposes in that WiFi is a must. They will help you resolve the issue.

  • Because you often need WiFi for your schoolwork and a quiet place to study, families should ensure that the WiFi signal is strong enough in your room specifically.

  • WiFi should be accessible during wake hours, but the host family is not required to provide internet for gaming and other entertainment purposes.

  • We advise you not download too many movies or games because this may exceed the host family’s monthly data limits.

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