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Arrival: Getting Settled in Your New Home
Arrival: Getting Settled in Your New Home

Here are a few things that you and your host family may do to help you get settled into your home abroad.

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💡 Tip: Every family functions a bit differently and so do different cultures. Because of this, sitting down with your host family to understand their family rules and expectations is always a good idea! Having those conversations first-thing will help to prevent future misunderstandings.

Your host family should hold a family meeting shortly after you arrive.

You may be tired and jet lagged, so your host family may plan to share their family rules and expectations at a later time. Upon arrival, you may be tired or a little overwhelmed, so be patient and understanding with your host family’s excitement.

If you are tired, please just explain to them that you first need to rest. Make a plan to meet with your host family to discuss at another designated time if you need a little bit of space to get settled.

Here are some of the things you can expect your host family to show you after you've arrived and are settled in:

  • A tour of the homestay to show the location of your room and other rooms you have access to.

  • How to use any emergency procedures and systems, like alarms or safety devices.

  • How to operate kitchen and laundry appliances, bathroom shower and toilet, internet access—any areas specific to the homestay that you may encounter.

  • Where food can be found and where it should be eaten.

  • For students under age 18, you should turn over all medication to the host family and inform them of its purpose so they can keep it in a safe place for you.

Additionally, you'll be informed of the schedule in the homestay like meals, bedtime, curfew, shower, laundry and traveling to and from school.

Keep in mind, getting comfortable and feeling right at home may take a little bit of time, so be patient with yourself and always try to communicate with your host if there is something you need. Your host family should be happy to help!

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