Preparing for Your Arrival

You're all signed up for homestay with SRS, now what? Here are some helpful tips and videos to prepare you for your arrival.

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Meeting your host family for the first time is an exciting experience that can impact you (and them) for a lifetime! As you can imagine, there is much excitement when you arrive. Just as you have been preparing for your move to your new host home, your host family has been preparing for your arrival.

The arrival and adjustment can also be a bit overwhelming, so be prepared to take the time to adjust slowly to your new home, school, schedule and surroundings. There is no need to rush into anything. While your host family is there to support you, they should give you enough personal space to adjust at your own pace.

Watch our Student Orientation videos or read on for tips on how to be SAFE, HEALTHY and HAPPY to enjoy your experience in America and be successful in your studies!

SRS Guest Orientation Pt 1 - What to Expect in Homestay:

​SRS Guest Orientation Pt 2 - Bullying and Culture Shock

​SRS Guest Orientation Pt 3 - Work, Safety and Travel Tips:

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