Types of Host Families

What does "host family" mean exactly? Our host family network includes a wide variety of people and family structures.

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Many different kinds of people are homestay hosts! We love to have a diverse network of host families. The most important thing is that StudentRoomStay hosts are willing to provide a safe, warm and welcoming environment for their international student. We use the information provided by you in your student profile to find the best possible homestay match near your school.

A homestay family could be made up of:

  • Mother, father and children

  • A young couple

  • A single man or woman

  • Grandparents

  • Retired individuals

  • A single mother or father with children

We have people from all over the world hosting with us! They come from a variety of backgrounds and have their own hobbies and interests. Some have pets, some do not. Some live in houses with a backyard, while other live in a townhouse or apartment.

Hosts who register to care for high school or younger students must commit to extra responsibilities so we know they are focussed on your wellbeing. Hosts go through a certification process including comprehensive training, a national criminal background check for anyone aged 18+ in the household, a virtual interview and a virtual house inspection.

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