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Host Family Matching: How it Works
Host Family Matching: How it Works

How do we find host families for international students? Here's a breakdown of the entire host family matching process.

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What is the Host Family Matching Service? ๐Ÿ”

We carefully facilitate the matching arrangements between every incoming international student and their future host family. When we know a student is coming to study in a specific location, we reach out to our host family network in that city and present them with the opportunity to host! We take the preferences / lifestyle of the student and the host family into great consideration during the matching process.

How long does it take to match a student with a host family?

The matching process can take anywhere between 14-90 days, depending on the student's arrival date and the matching service they select.


How do we find a compatible match?

To begin, all international students fill out a thorough student profile, including:

  • Basic information (school location, age, home country, etc.)

  • Lifestyle and preferences (hobbies, personality, preferred levels of interaction, etc.)

  • Medical information (pet allergies, dietary restrictions, etc.)

Similarly, our host families fill out their own profile to let us know if they can provide transportation, if they have pets, how close they live to school and other important details.
Based on the information from both the student and host family profiles, our team will present the student with their new host family option.

If both the student and host agreeโ€”great news! We've have a match. ๐ŸŽ‰ The host family will then start preparing for their student's arrival and get ready to welcome them to the United States.

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