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Homestay Pricing: The Complete Guide
Homestay Pricing: The Complete Guide

How much does homestay cost at SRS? Here are some factors to consider when building your customized homestay package.

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Table of Contents:

1. Custom-Built Homestay Packages

APPROX. PRICE RANGE: $210/week - $755/week (does not include one-time matching fee or add-on services)

The cost of homestay varies from student to student, depending on their age, homestay package, location of study, add-on services and more.

The one thing that never changes is our transparency about pricing! By far the most accurate way to discover how much homestay will cost is to share your preferences with us and receive a customized quote from our team.

2. Included in Every Homestay ✔️

StudentRoomStay provides several accommodation and meal options for students to choose from. In general, homestay is an economically beneficial choice for students because it always includes:

  • Local host family

  • Homestay support app

  • Private bedroom with a place to study

  • Shared or private bathroom

  • Internet access

  • SRS support

3. About the Host Family Matching Fee 🔍

A one-time matching fee is required for every student at SRS. This fee is due at the very beginning to pay for the resources our team uses to find your ideal host family match in the USA. Matching fee pricing varies based on your arrival date. Check out the options for our host family matching services below:

Matches needed any earlier than 14 days prior to arrival may require an expedited fee (in addition to the original fee).

4. High School Homestay Pricing

APPROX. PRICE RANGE: $393/week - $755/week

Pricing varies based on your location of study, but there are some cost differences in the packages available to you.

SRS Guardian is the most affordable but does not include transportation. SRS Guardian Plus costs a little more, but it is all-inclusive. The best deal, by far, is to pay annually. View our high school package options below:

high school homestay packages

5. College Homestay Pricing

APPROX. PRICE RANGE: $210/week - $595/week

For college students, pricing varies based on location of study, the meal package you select (if any), and any add-on services. We designed our homestay packages for college students so that you are never stuck paying for any extra services you don't need. Your homestay package is custom-built, just for you!

Meal Options for College Students

Hosts will provide anywhere from 0-3 meals per day. Adding every meal package will increase the cost of your homestay payments, but you will likely be saving money on food in the long-run. Check out the meal packages available for college students below:

meal plans for college students

6. View Homestay Pricing by Location

The easiest way to get a feel for our pricing is to find your study abroad destination and view the pricing listed on our website.

homestay destinations in the usa

We offer homestay services in 15 beautiful locations across the USA. We list our pricing publicly so that you can choose a study abroad destination that works for your budget.

7. About the SRS Service Fee

Yes, we have a service fee. Just like any other housing or rental website, StudentRoomStay takes a small percentage of homestay payments—this keeps our company running! This allows us to provide the support, technology and operations you need for a secure, enjoyable, CSIET-approved homestay experience. The vast majority of every homestay payment is sent to your host family, providing the resources they need to take great care of you in their household.

8. Add-on Products and Services

Airport Transportation ✈️

Get a ride to or from airport (for your arrival to the USA or your departure back home). View our pricing for airport transportation below:

Airport transportation packages

Health Insurance ✚

We provide health insurance options as on add-on service through GBG Assist for international students.

Check out health insurance pricing below:

Additional Add-On Services

If you require any non-negotiable extra services for homestay, these may be added as an add-service. Our team will always work with you and make sure you understand the exact cost of your homestay package ahead of time, so that you are never hit with unexpected fees. For example, during the host family matching process, if you absolutely will not live with pets or children, this might require an additional fee (because it may take longer to find a host family for you).

Ready to build your customized homestay package?

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